Valerie’s Week in Review – Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dear Governor Brown,

I’m late writing to you and keeping this short because Valerie spent most of last week in the hospital and her well-being has occupied most of my time and attention. I did notice, though, that the final budget included none of what the developmental disability community has been asking for, none of what either the Senate or the Assembly proposed, not one penny of what is needed to stop this system from collapsing.

Thankfully, many of California’s legislators do understand this urgent need. I pray that the Extraordinary Legislative Session on Health Care will have a more positive outcome. I pray that you will let go of your cold-hearted and short-sighted viewpoint and do the right thing.

Audrey deChadenedes

Sunday, June 21, 2015

This would have been Valerie’s last week in her soon-to-be closed day program, but instead she spent her time at UCSF. A cold developed into pneumonia and IV antibiotics, hydration, and major¬†respiratory therapy were called for. Since most doctors know very little about her disability and tend to misinterpret her symptoms and since she can’t speak for herself, I spend my days and nights with her whenever she’s inpatient. It was a difficult week for Val, but she stoically endured the injections and infusions and foul-smelling mists. Now she’s home and well on the road to recovery, still on oxygen and needing nebulizer treatments, but happy to be in her own bed.

It’s a short report this week, as I’m seriously behind on sleep and still needing to attend to details of Valerie’s health.

More news next time –

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