Valerie’s Week in Review – Monday, Sept. 14, 2015

Dear Governor Brown,

Although you may not be directly at fault in the legislature’s failure to pass SBX2-14 last week, I hold you responsible.

The Republicans say that developmental services should have been funded in the budget, and they’re right. They still should have voted for Senator Hernandez’s bill; the MCO tax still needs to be restructured, and having them look backwards and point fingers doesn’t help the developmental service system now.

We don’t need a tax though, to provide the desperately needed 10%. The money is there. The General Fund is healthy and state tax revenue for this fiscal year – just two months – is now $637.8 million above what was originally projected.

I’m angry and profoundly sad that both Democrats and Republicans are more concerned with their parties’ philosophies than about the welfare of California’s 290,000 citizens with developmental disabilities.

I’m grateful to Senator Hernandez for SBX2-14, and to the many Democrats who supported it, but it wasn’t enough. At this point there needs to be a bipartisan solution. We wouldn’t be here if you had put the 10% restoration of funds into the budget.

I appreciate that special sessions will continue and I look forward to a better outcome. In the meantime, the developmental service system continues to crumble, programs continue to close, and people continue to lose services, as California’s leadership continues to fail its most vulnerable population.


Audrey deChadenedes

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