A Message from ARCA – Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2016

There is hope – please read this from ARCA – the Association of Regional Center Agencies – and please make two quick phone calls!

“Our system’s funding fight is nearly over! Help us NOW!

We support the funding agreement!
Will you?

In the past weeks, ARCA and the other members of the Lanterman Coalition have been working hard with Governor Brown’s Administration to restore our system. We’re thrilled to announce an agreement add over $400 million a year to serving people with developmental disabilities! But first, the Legislature has to vote on it.

We need you to call your legislators NOW and ask them to “support the Managed Care Organization and developmental services funding package.”

This proposal stabilizes our system with a funding increase, and sets the stage for reform with a study of the rates that have hurt our service providers and regional centers for years.

We fully support this agreement, which does the following:

A 7.5% increase for salaries and benefits, for both service providers (POS) & regional centers (OPS)
A 2.5% increase for administrative and other costs, for both POS & OPS
A restoration of the supported employment rates to 2006 levels
A 5% increase for supported and independent living services
A 5% increase for in-home and out-of-home respite services
A 5% increase for transportation services
An effective 5% increase for Intermediate Care Facilities, via a 3.75% increase and elimination of prior cuts,
The creation of competitive integrated employment programs, in the form of paid internships and incentive payments for helping individuals obtain and retain employment
An increase in vendor audit thresholds
A rate study plan
Funding for bilingual staff at regional centers, cultural competency training, and parent education efforts

The developmental disabilities services system has a long history. It is built on a promise to recognize the rights of people with developmental disabilities, and to serve them in the community. Years of underfunding have seriously hurt that promise. But now we have good reason to hope!

Call your representatives NOW, and ask them to support the Managed Care Organization and developmental services funding package. If they do, we can finally, after years of struggle, begin to #KeepThePromise.

What you need to do:

Find your legislators: findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov

When someone answers the phone, say:

“My name is [FULL NAME], and I am a constituent of the member. Please ask them to support the Managed Care Organization and developmental services funding package. Thank you!”

Also share with them what your services and supports mean to you.
Share this with everyone you know.

What you can say to your legislators

Talking points:

The developmental services system was created by Frank Lanterman, a Republican from Pasadena, and signed into law by Governor Ronald Reagan, nearly 50 years ago.
Without the legislator’s support of this package, the harm will be personal, hurting [you, your family member, etc.].

The Lanterman Act has been critical in helping people live in the community, instead of state-run developmental centers.

This funding package will help save small businesses in our community that are on the brink of closing their doors because of chronic underfunding by the State.

Without this funding package, even more service providers will close, depriving more people with developmental disabilities of the services and supports they need to live independent lives in the community.”