Get Involved

Are you worried about threats to health care, education, and social services? Don’t just worry, get involved!

Calling or writing to your elected officials lets them know where you stand. If they’re already on your side, thank them and support them for their courage, and ask for suggestions for further actions you can take. If they disagree with you, they need to hear how important these issues are to you, and that that you vote.

I offer here some links to help you in your efforts: how to find your elected officials; some suggestions about approaching them; some actions that are taking place that you can join; and some reliable news sources.

Find your Representatives:

Find your Senators:

Some Tips & Strategies

1. Call a state or district office first.
2. Leave a voicemail. If voicemail is full, press “0.” This will typically connect you to a receptionist who may be able to take your message or transfer you to a voicemail that isn’t full.
3. Call the national office, if you can’t get through. Or to see if you can get a real person.
4. Be prepared to give your name and your location. You can refer to yourself as a constituent, as per the script, and they might not ask.
5. Note that the operator is likely using some kind of form to mark your call, the goal is to generate a high volume of calls that require the operator to check off individual boxes. That means it’s critical to name your issues specifically and not just say something like “oppose Trump.”

More great advice on communicating with congress:

Both of these pages offer current actions and guide you through weekly calls, scripts included:

This guide provides instruction on getting involved locally:

So much of the news I see on the internet is misleading. In a quest for accurate and comprehensive news, I’ve been using these trustworthy sources:


Are you in need of information or services for yourself or a loved one? Here are some excellent resources:    Golden Gate Regional Center Support for Families of Children with Disabilities (to age 26) International Rett Syndrome Foundation San Francisco Bay Area Autism Society San Francisco Parents Advocating for Neurodevelopment Housing

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